Pulse.Timesheet for JIRA

Smart report for your project

About add-on in three minutes

About add-on

Ability to quickly and easily choose parameters for report

In the parameters of the report, you can select one or more projects at the same time, the actors and the period in which the report will be generated.

Export work log by selected parameters

You will get an report in Excel format after you press “Download” button.

E-mail your report

The report will be sent to your e-mail after you press “Send to mail” button.


Save report parameters as a template.

Schedule report delivery by e-mail

You can configure the automatic sending of the report to your mail on the selected schedule

Full work log as a simple table

Table will contain project name, epic, actor, issue summary and time spent for the issue.

Pivot table based on the first table

Table will contain project name, epic, actor, issue summary, time spent for the issue and summary time for all works.


The ability to add additional fields to the report.

Release: june-july 2017

New filters appear on the "Reports" page.

Release: summer 2017

New window "Log Work" with additional parameters.

Release: autumn 2017

Viewing the report before downloading.

Release: autumn-winter 2017
Change log
Now you can save the selected report parameters as a template.
15 May 2017
Now you can configure the sending of reports to your mail on a schedule.
15 May 2017
Fixed the problem with the lack of an Epic link from the subtask.
15 May 2017
Now you can send a report to your e-mail.
15 May 2017
Optimization of report unloading, which made it possible to generate a report 10 times faster.
24 March 2017
Fixed the problem with displaying an incomplete list of Executors with some rights settings.
20 March 2017
Fixed the problem with incorrect generation of report resolution in Safari.
17 March 2017
Published add-on in the production.
1 March 2017
Dev Diary
We daily apply all our knowledge and skills to make the add-on more understandable and useful for you! Our team takes into account your wishes in the work of the add-on, listening to the feedback you send us!
20 March 2017
Held a meeting with the whole team of add-on developers and identified the main shortcomings of the interface and interaction with the end user, which helped us to draw up a roadmap for the next 3 months. Soon the add-on will become even more convenient!
12 March 2017

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