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Pulse .k i t for JIRA

A set of add-ons Pulse.kit for JIRA cloud will help you in organizing the work of the team. Using add-ons, you save time to write up reports on time spent, make ToDo lists, evaluate the work of your colleagues, optimize the organization of the project.

Start using now and your products will be better, and employees are satisfied!


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With Pulse.Time you can easily and quickly generate reports on the work done. The timesheet report is formed on the basis of the parameters: Project, Actors, Time period. Also, you can save the selected report parameters as a template.The report can be downloaded to your computer or sent to your e-mail. You can configure the automatic sending of a timesheets to your e-mail on a schedule. For your convenience report will contain two pages in different formats: simple table with whole work log and pivot table, created based on first table.


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Pulse.Checklist is ideal for determining perfect acceptance criteria or any ToDo lists! It implements everything you need to work with checklists: create multiple checklists, create items in each checklist. Change the order of the checklist and its elements using Drag&drop. Also, you can save the created check-list as a template and apply it, saving time on creating a new check-list in another issue.


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Improve the work in the team with simple badges will help you the add-on Pulse.Badges. You can evaluate your employee with a badge for a huge number of qualities: Teamwork, specialist skills, human qualities (goodwill, sadness, fun and others), quickness and diligence, additional qualities. You can evaluate the employee in two clicks directly from the issue. After adding a badge, you can see it in the employee profile.


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Simplify the organization of work in JIRA with the help of Pulse.Project. There are many different functions for more convenient use of resources: fixed issues, the current project team, structured links to external documents-articles, including test and staged servers with logins-passwords, viewing the information of the workload of the team, new widgets for dashboards and many others.