Data Security and Privacy Statement
June 1, 2018
This statement is applying to PulseKt add-ons for Jira (Pulse.Timesheet, Pulse.Checklist) developed by LLC UNIT6 (UNIT6).
UNIT6 works in development since 2006 and have a great experience in large web projects for different customers. The aim of this document is to cover all information about the Data Security & Privacy Statement for PulseKit add-ons for Jira (Pulse.Timesheet, Pulse.Checklist). Also it describes basic principles that we are using in development and maintenance of this plugins. It should help our customer see what we do and what we really don't with their data.
Data storage and location
- We use Amazon AWS platform for hosting our plugin.
- We store only data for integration with atlassian connect platform: unique ID of atlassian cloud product and access keys. We don't store any information from our customers, that's why we don't violate any law in any country.
- Our backups data securely stored in reliable storage.
- Unauthorized access of backup data is not possible.
- We backup at least once a day, and we keep the backups at least for a month.
- We provide RTO 8 hours and RPO 24 hours maximum. And we minimized risk of such situation. It should be real huge disruption in 2 datacenters simultaneously.
Account removal and data retention
- All customer data may be removed any time by uninstalling the AddOn from Atlassian Cloud product.
- Customer data saved in backups for long period and removed automatically when backup expired, see "backups" item for details.
Data portability
- We don't support any migrations to other products.
- We don't have any data for export.
Application and infrastructure security
- We transfer all data through secured channels.
- We don't use information from production databases for testing purposes.
- We don't provide any access to our infrastructure to third party companies.
- Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Confluence and Jira Cloud login information.
- AddOn server is only accessible through secure protocols (e.g. https).
- All exchange between addon and any atlassian product made with according with atlassian connect platform recommendations.
Security disclosure
- Security breaches or vulnerabilities with the proposed solution of the problem are published on our documentation.
- Customers can report security breaches or vulnerabilities using e-mail address.
Data collected during the use of our add-on will not be shared with third parties except if required by law.